Our Mission

  • The mind of a child is like wet cement. Our mission is to print the best of things on this wet cement.
  • To help each child to grow towards his inherent potential and talent.
  • To make  the child a dynamic personality i.e responsible, kind, courageous and honorable.
  • To help the child to improve his own image, develop communication skill,self confidence,positive attitude, creative thinking, observation power and to be imaginative, inventive,self dependent, dedicated and have a keen sense of responsibility,discipline and  to ‘learn the art of achieving goal.’
  • To impart world class education that shall foster academic excellence, physical fitness,psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness, concern for the environment and to make children aware and appreciative of their culture, traditions and history.Manav is, therefore, committed to provide a high quality,broad balanced education suited to the age, aptitude and ability of the child.